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A Holistic Healing Approach

At South Bay Wound Care, we know patients with non-healing wounds require specialized and aggressive care that may not be available in a traditional medical setting. Unfortunately, without interdisciplinary attention, even minor lesions can lead to serious complications such as chronic wounds, infections, gangrene, and even amputation. At South Bay Wound Care, patients can receive the attention and treatment they need to heal quickly and return to their regular activities.

We have been providing advanced wound management services to patients in the South Bay and surrounding areas of San Diego County since 2017. Our goal is for patients to achieve rapid wound recovery through precise diagnosis and effective treatment plans. We partner with primary care providers to facilitate successful and cost-effective treatment for chronic non-healing wounds. This comprehensive and holistic approach ensures good patient outcomes,  minimizing ER visits, inpatient hospitalizations, and other complications. We take pride in the compassionate, quality, and personalized care we offer to each patient.

Marc Hare, MD


Dr. Marc Hare has been practicing wound care full-time for decades, with expertise that distinguishes him from all other providers in the area. Dr. Hare completed a fellowship in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine at UCSD Medical Center and has also completed additional advanced wound care training with many experts in the field. He stays current on the most recent developments and advancements in wound care technologies.

Dr. Hare is a Southern California native who is proud to serve his community with effective and compassionate care. 


Tufts University School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)  

Why South Bay Wound Care

Empowering Wound Healing and Recovery

At SB Woundcare, our mission is to provide effective, personalized, and compassionate wound-healing services to our patients. We strive to create a comfortable and supportive environment where patients can receive the care they need to achieve optimal healing and recovery. We always plan enough time to answer any questions and educate our patients, and their caregivers, on the best way to provide care at home.

Expert Physicians

You owe it to yourself to prioritize your health and receive the highest quality care, especially when facing a complicated wound where timeliness and expertise are critical to recovery. You can trust the experienced professionals at South Bay Wound Care. 

Personalized Care

From the very first visit, we take the time to assess your needs and develop an approach that works for you. We know a one-size-fits-all mentality is not the kind of care you deserve. 

Immediate Treatment

We start treatment immediately to avoid any sequela of life-threatening infection, loss of mobility, or amputation that often results from complicated wounds.

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A Holistic Approach to Patient Care
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